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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin
We all work hard to earn a living and to make our lives better. However, most of us do not learn to make “our money work as hard“.

Investment Diaries is about the basics. Wealth creation is a life long endeavor for most of us. However it takes effort to learn, understand and then invest. The common refrain that “financial lexicon is difficult to grasp” results either in ‘outsourcing’ of all matters related to investment and wealth creation or no action at all.

While outsourcing is good in this age and time, it makes sense to grasp certain aspects of personal finance.

Not using a credit card in case you are unable to handle spending urges is the easy option. Becoming disciplined, paying on time and using it efficiently is the not so difficult and intelligent option.

Money in savings account over and above your routine requirements would yield nominal returns. Moving this money into tax efficient and higher yielding options is a slightly difficult choice, but a rewarding one.

Buying a ULIP or endowment plan (mostly from relatives or neighbors) which you do not understand and is not even beneficial, for a hefty premium is the easy option. Buying term insurance at a much lower premium and investing the rest in a wealth creating asset is the slightly difficult but intelligent option.

Liquidating your Mutual Fund portfolio at the first sign of a volatile market is easy. Staying the course during those turbulent times is a difficult proposition. However reaping benefits would be a privilege of only those who know the virtue of patience and time.

Procrastination about all matters related to finance is the easy option, acting here and now is tough but rewarding in the long run.

It is the  endeavor of ‘Investment Diaries’ to make you financially literate so that you can make the intelligent choices.


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